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If you want to promote Hungry For Hits, we have made some cool advertising material which already has your unique referral ID number attached to it. You will find this material on the “Affiliate Toolbox” page in the main menu. You will find your main affiliate link, which displays Hungry For Hits home page, and a little bit further down on the page you will find the splashpages.

A splashpage points out and advertises selected features. It would be too much info for a potential member to read if we tried to fit all the features of Hungry For Hits on just one page, so it is often a good idea to use splashpages. The message is very clear on them, and they are easy to read and remember. There are about 15 splashpages in the “Affiliate Toolbox” which you can use.

We also have a splashpage rotator link on the “Affiliate Toolbox” page. That link will rotate all of the splashpages, with your referral ID attached to them. Promote just that one link to advertise all splashpages! You can post your referral links in social media, give them to others who want to be seen online or promote them in ad networks.

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