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You can see the people you have referred to Hungry For Hits on the “Referrals” page in the main menu. You can also see what site your recent referrals signed up from, and also which promotional item they clicked to be your referral. This will help you with information about what sites gives you the best results, as well as what promotional material works best at the sites where you chose to promote Hungry For Hits.

There is also a more extensive tracking option on the “Rotators and Tracking” page, for more information on how to use it please check the articles about Tracking.

2 thoughts on “Referral tracking

  • September 29, 2018 at 21:27

    based on what I’m reading..this TE has some pretty excellant features not often found in TE despite what one might think..(first of all custom (html friendly) splash page is always rare..but I never heard of “group surf” that sounds interesting. Anyway before this starts looking like a paid comment I have questions. I wouldn’t be considering joining if weren’t for the fact that your offering a “customizable top ten list” and “customizable referral builder” which brings me to my question what is your referral builder? Can you briefly describe it here? Could it be classified as a downline builder? What I’m looking for is something like what I call a “plug in” downline building system that is customizable.(this is why I’m interested in your custom list feature) Its probably not the offical term but basically I want a customizable(to downline) list of programs to join where new referrals “plug-in” their referral code once they join. If they have not joined a particular program or “plug in” their username/referral link then the next persons THEY refer to that network’s program list page is going to be referred to those programs by the last person in the upline who did so (until they finally plug in theirs). You can see a NON customizable example of this at (yes thats my referral link. Sorry if thats offensive)
    I used to have a CUSTOMIZABLE(I could register new programs..even already existing ones) downline builder from the now defunct(RIP) network “Linkscout”(i’d give you referral link but its gone and domain has been taken by some wierd login page that I will not put my password into. LS was excellent concept and decent in execution but somehow failed. The other thing I need is a referral page that shows a preview of both the the referrer and their direct upline partner’s promotional website inside of the new refferal page. An example is still viewable from which is still up but seems not to be fully working(cant change my site) and I get no replies from help tickets. Sometimes I think admins die with no support team to take over operations…something every network owner should think don’t want to leave your clients high and dry in “the event of” do you? The thing that seems to have set it apart from ALL the other TE besides its cash paid referral program is simple enough: its surfers could write reviews of websites they visited (instead of waiting for timers) to increase their ranking tier..AND they got recipricol FEEDBACK for their sites! Anyway I don’t know if its functional enough to join or were already a member to see for yourself..but if I’m wrong and its still functioning normally and my devcices or account is just defunct then I suppose its a good luck for me if i get a heavy hitter like your network joined under me. 😛 personally I think its broken though.
    Anyway in closing I must add that I am wary of joining any network that auto joins me to a large number of programs and thus also autospams me with emails from those programs. I’m avoiding this and I will avoid including such a thing into my networking projects. The plugin system at tornado is completely optional and I have yet to even join all of the handful of available programs it offers because it would be time consuming and untidy to manage. Would I have to be concerned with automembership spam if I eventually join your network?
    Also I like the food oriented theme of your network I imagine its very popular but iI thin it may not always suit me much.. will I be able to avoid this theme and instead customize my promotions to have a different theme at least until the leads reach the registration pages? Oh well it looks like this comment will prbably be filtered by your Askimet service,I imagine, since im including URLS..haha maybe I’ll make a “clean” version before hitting post comment just in case.

    • October 5, 2018 at 16:31

      The referral builder is just another name for Downline builder. It is one of the largest downline builders, with traffic exchanges, mailers/safelists, tools, bitcoin programs and coops. No one is required to fill in any IDs, and upgraded members can add their own programs. The top 10 splashpage looks like this, where members can add whatever banners (up to 10):

      If you join Hungry For Hits, you will get a welcome letter with a verification code. Once you are a member, you will automatically be subscribed to newsletters and referral notifications, but you can turn them off in your Account settings (or in the newsletter).

      For more specific questions, it would be better if you sent a support ticket instead of commenting on this blog, then I can show you screenshots and things like that.



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