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Remember My Site is a branding game and a simple memory game that will come up occasionally while surfing. First it will show a specific website, and the next page members see is a question where they are asked to select the previous site that was shown. They have 4 options to chose from. If the member answers correctly, he or she will get a prize.  This encourages members to pay closer attention to the sites in rotation, to ensure they don’t miss a prize. You can add your own site to the Remember My Site game.

It’s not a cheat test, members can skip the page and nothing will happen. The page comes up randomly. Even if someone isn’t paying attention at all and see the prize page, it will make their
minds work a little and actually remember the site. And it’s absolutely great for branding. Imagine if a list of 4 sites came up and it said for example:

-Traffic Speedway
-Klara’s delicious apple pie recipe
-Traffic Splash
-Traffic Swirl

Most people would then know that Klara has a delicious apple pie recipe, and when they see it in surf, they will pay more attention to it. If you want to book it, go to the Remember my Site page under the Advertising menu.

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