Downline builder

The Downline Builder under the Promote menu in Hungry For Hits is a tool to help you get referrals in other programs. It consists of a few pages with different categories, other advertising sites, tools, coops and Bitcoin programs, in alphabetical order. Your referrals in Hungry For Hits will join under you in these programs if they click any of them and you have entered your referral ID.

However, these programs referral links do not just appear in the Downline builder. They also display anytime the site is announcing some sort of promo or linking to another site. So not only would upgraded members links be in the Downline builder, but also in the member area promo info, in newsletters and so on.

If you are already a member of any program and would like to add your referral ID to it, find the program, add your referral ID and hit Enter or click the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save it. You can add several referral IDs before saving. Only enter your actual referral id, a number or a name at the end of your referral link. If your referral link from a page looks like this, then you would add the number 1:

Downline Builder in Hungry For Hits

If you want to join a program that you aren’t already part of and add your affiliate IDs in the Referral builder, click the “Click here to join” link below the banner, or the actual banner.  You will be your sponsor’s referral there too, if they have added their referral ID for the specific program you join. If your referrer has not filled in their ID, it will go to their upline. If they haven’t filled in their ID either, it will keep checking each level up.

Your own referrals will join under you if they decide to use the Downline builder themselves. This means that you could get referrals to sites both from your direct referrals, and in endless levels of their referrals, for the sites where you have filled in your referral ID.

This lists are in alphabetical order. Click the different sections to see them, or use the search field on top of the page to find s specific program. Type part of the name of the traffic exchange you are looking for, and hit enter. All the programs that match what you typed in the search field will come up, no matter which section you are viewing.

There is also a red “Fill my IDs” button above the search field. If you click there, the site will automatically try to to fill in your referral IDs from other sites you are registered with. This process takes a while, and even if you get a message saying the connection has timed out, it will still add your IDs.