Food Fight

The Food Fight is a daily game in Hungry For Hits, where you compete with other surfers like as in a tournament. You are automatically paired up with a random opponent who starts surfing at about the same time as you do, so that you have the same amount of time until the day ends. The one who views the most ads during the day wins, and the prizes are automatically added to your account! The contest ends at server reset, midnight EST (New York, USA).

On the “Food Fight” page under the “Games” menu, you can see your opponent and how much they have surfed that day. You can also see your results from the past week, as well as leaderboards and a chart that displays the prizes for each member level.


There is a 2000 page limit in how many ads you can view in the same day that are counted towards this contest. In case of a tie, each member wins half of the prize listed for their member level. To win the prize, you need surf the same amount or more pages than your opponent, and at least 250 pages during the contest. There is always a cash prize for everyone who wins with these requirements filled.