Referral mailer

The Referral mailer is another exclusive feature of Hungry For Hits. You can find it on the “Referral mailer” page in the main menu, and it lets you send an email to all your referrals at the same time. It is much more powerful than the in site Private message system, since you can reach people who never or rarely log on. Your email address is kept hidden and will never be revealed.

You can offer them help, send them a greeting, be their mentor, or even give them bribes or incentives to come back to surf. Free members and short boost upgrades can send a mail ever 14 days, Silver members can send a mail every 7 days, Gold members can send a mail every 5 days and Super Advertisers can sen a mail every 3 days.

Do no send anything to your referrals that is against the Terms of service, or that you wouldn’t want yourself. If you send anything illegal or pornographic, you will be suspended immediately.

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