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Square banners

Hungry For Hits street sign

Hungry For Hits offers square banner advertising. Banners are displayed to members who are viewing ads to earn credits, surfing. They are displayed in 125 x 125 size in the member area and on prize pages. To add a banner, click the “Square Banners” page under the “My Ads” menu. Free members can add 3 square …

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Adding a link from a picture

Hungry For Hits Link from a picture

It is easy to add a link from a picture in the “Page Creator”, in the main menu. It can be from any sort of picture, perhaps not one that looks like a button, or a promotional banner? You can either edit a picture you have already inserted if you add it from a URL, …

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Adding a picture

Hungry For Hits coffee

It’s a good idea to add a picture to your profile page, using the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu. You can add any image, even from your Facebook pictures or similar. Right click the picture you want to display to copy the image url for it. 1. Click the “Image” tool button in the …

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Promote banners

Hungry For Hits banners New York

There are many ready made promotional tools in Hungry For Hits, which you can use to find referrals. All the tools are located in the “Affiliate Toolbox”page under the “Promote” menu. If you want to use the main affiliate link or splashpages, you just have to use the URL provided for those, but we also …

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