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Report a site

Hungry For Hits report

If you are surfing in Hungry For Hits, viewing ads to earn credits, and you come across a site which for some reason you think is inappropriate, please click “Report site” in the top surfbar. This will give the admin direct access to your surf log and what sites you have been viewing before you …

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Hungry For Hits house

In this article, we will explain how you add the sites that your want to advertise in Hungry For Hits, and how to assign credits (website views) to them. Free members can add 5 site ads, Silver members can add 25 site ads, Gold members can add 100 site ads and Super advertisers have unlimited advertising …

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Adding a picture

Hungry For Hits coffee

It’s a good idea to add a picture to your profile page, using the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu. You can add any image, even from your Facebook pictures or similar. Right click the picture you want to display to copy the image url for it. 1. Click the “Image” tool button in the …

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Adding a link

Hungry For Hits Profile Page

To add a link to the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu, first you have to decide what you want them to be added to. It can be either plain text or a picture. Perhaps a picture that looks like a button? It can be pretty much whatever you want. In this article I …

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Browser size pop up

Hungry For Hits window pop up

If you are trying to surf with a browser window too small to display members ads (450px high), you will get a pop up each time you click the surf icons. It says: ‘Your Browser window size is too small to display the advertisements. Please increase the height of your browser before continuing.‘ This is …

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