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Surfer rewards

You can claim Surfer rewards every day you surf in Hungry For Hits, if you have surfed at least 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 pages. You can only claim one prize each day, you will not get all of them. For example, if you surf 100 pages and claim a prize, then come back …

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Team surfing

Hungry For Hits offers team surfing, which is a weekly surfing and social event. A team is simply a group made up of active Hungry For Hits members, seeking to network with one another and gain bigger rewards based on their overall activity. To join a team, you can either accept an invitation from a Head Chef …

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Ad spotlight

We have a featured advertising spot in Hungry For Hits, called the Ad Spotlight. It is located on the best spot on the member home page, and also on the letter and icon hunt page in surf. You will also be rewarded for viewing the Ad Spotlight. Whenever there is a new Ad Spotlight, you …

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