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Hungry For Hits street

We offer site rotators on the “Rotators” page under the “Tools” menu, where you can advertise several sites with just one url. It is like a hit distributor, that will display the sites in the rotator url the same amount of time, or whichever ratio you set it to. It is really useful to have …

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Check stats

Hungry For Hits tracking stats

Once you have set up Trackers and advertised your Tracker URLs, Hungry For Hits will start collecting the stats and results of your advertising – both inside Hungry For Hits, and in any other place you might advertise! It is very easy to check stats for your advertising, at any time. You can always see …

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Hungry For Hits More

How will you know the results of your advertising and where you are having the best results, if you don’t track your URLs? This is a free and easy way to automatically get statistics on your advertising! You can easily do this by first adding the sites you want to promote as “trackers” on the …

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Create a rotator

Hungry For Hits rotator

To create a rotator, click the “Rotators” page under the “Tools” menu. There are 4 buttons at the top, Trackers, Rotators, Stats and Help & Tutorials, and you will automatically start on the Trackers page. Trackers are just the name of the actual sites you want to put in a rotator. To create a rotator, …

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Site Stats

Hungry For Hits sign with stats

You can see your account stats, detailed site stats as well as comparison with some other traffic exchanges on the “Stats” page in the main menu. For your own account, you can see: Upline Gravatar Commissions balance Referral ID and link Account level Surfed today and yesterday Credits earned today and yesterday Website views you …

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