Viral Traffic Games

The Viral Traffic Games¬†(VTG) is an external game which gives you prizes in Hungry For Hits when you surf and play it. A prize icon looking like a shield with the text “Click to play” will randomly appear in your top surfbar. If you click it, a new window will open and it will not disturb any advertising in the surfbar – it’s optional to play. Move your VTG character by clicking one of the surrounding squares and you will win a prize that is instantly added to you Hungry For Hits account.

If you are a member on the Viral Traffic Games, you can also log in before you move your character, and you will see a different map. Then you will be competing with other players, and you will automatically participate in their tournaments where you can earn different sorts of prizes, including cash.
The prize pages will appear more frequently the higher member level you are. The prizes are also higher for upgraded members, and there are game % bonuses for upgraded members in the VTG tournaments. This is a game that appears on several traffic exchanges, and there are prizes to be won for being one of the top players overall as well.

  • Free members: Every 15-25 pages, 0% bonus
  • Silver boost members: Every 15-20 pages, 20% bonus
  • Gold boost members: Every 10-15 pages, 30% bonus
  • Silver members: Every 15-20 pages, 40% bonus
  • Gold members: Every 10-15 pages, 50% bonus
  • Super advertisers: Every 10-15 pages, 50% bonus

To learn more and register for the tournaments, click here.