Can’t surf?

This article explains what to do if you can’t surf, or can’t see anything but blank pages where the ads should be.

I can log in, but when I click Surf I am redirected to the login page

This can happen because of two things, usually it is because the browser’s cache is full. You can easily test if the browser is the issue. Just try to open Hungry For Hits and surf in another (cleared) browser. If that works, you can know for sure that the one you tried first has something that blocks you from surfing. First try to clear your cache and cookies:

  1.  Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and restart it. This is usually enough to fix the issue.
  2. If that doesn’t work, flush your DNS cache and restart your computer. This should solve it. Internet lag may cause slow loading time and logouts.
  3. Run CCleaner or similar cleaning programs for your computer continuously to keep it fast and showing content correctly.

It only happens in Hungry For Hits

If these things happen in just one of the sites you are surfing, it doesn’t mean cache is not the problem. It does not have to affect any other site you surf in so always try these steps first. If you’re still seeing blank pages or can’t access a site, check your anti virus settings to see if there is anything there that prevents you from visiting a site.

If there is any issue with the site itself, it would happen to all members. If only one person can’t surf, this is an issue with their browser or software, and usually it’s browser cache or an ad blocking plugin or addon which causes problems. You can test this by trying in another browser.

It only takes one bad ad to fill up your browser’s cache, and it doesn’t have to affect other sites when this happens. It can cause blank pages and incorrect clicks. It doesn’t matter if it used to work earlier in the day or the day before; if cache fills up, things will display incorrectly or not load at all.

I get pop ups about cookies

You need to allow cookies in your browser in  order to get the best experience when you surf. Regardless of if you are surfing in a traffic exchange or just browsing web pages on the internet, websites will prompt you to enable cookies to work properly. If you use a private browsing window or some plugin that blocks these things, your surfing may be interrupted by websites prompting you to enable your cookies.

The ads in surf are blank

If ads aren’t showing at all or if surf shows blank pages even after you have cleaned your browser’s cache, it is most likely a browser addon or plugin (most likely any type of ad blocker) which is causing this. Try to deactivate the plugin, clear your cache and restart the browser.

Hungry For Hits tools

You can also often add an exception in the ad blocker for the sites you are surfing, so ads display correctly on those sites. There are guides for each plugin/addon on the page where you add them to your browsers, and you can also just google the plugin/addon name for information on how they work.

I got an error message in the top surfbar and no surf icons

There is a max number of hours you can surf per day and per session. A surf session lasts for as long as you click at least once every 5 minutes. The maximum length session is 8 hours, and the total daily surfing limit is 16 hours. The daily limit is not divided in sessions, it is the total time surfed combined.