Auto assign

In Hungry For Hits, we offer two ways to automatically assign credits (1 credit =  1 view) to your websites.

  1. Manually, on the Websites page (under Advertising – My Ads) by entering how many credits you want to assign in the “Assign credits” field and updating by clicking the Assign button.
  2. Automatically, by clicking the “Change” link in any of the “Auto assign” fields next to your website. There are two types of automatic credit assign. The first one will take the number of credits you select per hour (from your unassigned credits balance) and assign them to your website. The second type will automatically assign a % of the credits you earn when you surf (view ads for credits).

With the second % type, if you for example have set your assign value to 50% and you have earned 100 credits while surfing, 50 of them would be automatically assigned to your websites so that others can see them. The rest of the credits will be stored in your account, and you can assign them at any time.

Any credits you earn as prizes will not be assigned to your sites, they will just be stored in your account so you can decide what to do with them.

You can find all the automatic assign options under the Auto Assign menu under Advertising. There is also automatic assign with the X credits/impressions per hour type for other ad types.

Hungry For Hits bikes

All sites, regardless your member level and how much you have set auto assign to, will receive an equal number of hits as long as they have credits allocated.

You can change auto assign at any time, and you must add websites before you can decide on auto assign. If you delete a site, it auto assign value will also disappear.