Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank is a money balance which is separate from your Commissions balance. Piggy Bank money can only be used for purchases in Hungry For Hits. It will not be paid out. You can win Piggy Bank balances in contests and games, but you can also make a deposit from:

How to make a deposit

To add money to your Piggy Bank, simply open the payment processor option you prefer and make the transfer. The details of where to send the funds is specified in each of the cards on the Piggy Bank page. They look like this:

Transfer to the Piggy bank in Hungry For Hits

Once you have transferred the funds, enter the Deposit amount and the information asked in order for me to identify your payment. It can be your username in the site you are using to send the funds, a transaction ID or your name. Then click “Make deposit” on the deposit card.

Card payment

If you want to pay with Visa or Mastercard, follow the link from the card payment option where it says: Click here to go to my business site (K.S. Marketing)”

Select “View item” and then “Pay now”.  Then you can select the amount you want to deposit, fill in your card details and pay. No information is stored on the page and the transaction is secure.

Nothing will happen if you click “Make deposit” before you have sent the money. No money will be automatically taken from your account just because you fill in an amount and a name on the Piggy Bank page.

When the transfer has been completed, we will manually add the funds to your Piggy bank account. We check for this many times every day, so there is never a long wait. However, keep in mind that some bank transfers can take up to 72 hours to complete.

Buy with Piggy Bank funds

Once you have funds in your Piggy Bank, you can use the pink Piggy Bank buy button to purchase the upgrade or advertising you wanted. It looks like this, and you can find it next to all items for sale:

Piggy bank buy button

When you buy something using your Piggy Bank balance, your account is updated automatically and immediately.

Move Commissions to the Piggy Bank

If you move funds from your Commissions to your Piggy Bank, you will get a 20% bonus. There is a link to do so both on the Piggy Bank page under the “Account” menu and on the Commissions page. Please keep in mind it can not be moved back or paid out.

Hungry For Hits Coin

Transfer Piggy Bank funds to other members

If you want to transfer Piggy Bank funds to another member, simply contact Klara through the support system. Include how much you want to send and to who. The receiver will get the funds without any notification, so if you would like to tell them you sent them something, you need to write them a Private Message.