Promote banners

There are many ready made promotional tools in Hungry For Hits, which you can use to find referrals. All the tools are located in the “Affiliate Toolbox”page under the “Promote” menu. If you want to use the main affiliate link or splashpages, you just have to use the URL provided for those, but we also provide promotional banners there.

To add a banner from Hungry For Hits in another site, you will need the image URL and your referral link. Advertising banners on other sites is often very much like it is in Hungry For Hits, you can find instructions for banners here.

Look in the “Affiliate Toolbox” page and decide which banner you want to promote. Right click the banner and copy the image URL to get the link for the picture, and connect it with your Hungry For Hits main affiliate link from the top of the page. You can also see both the image URL and your referral link in the box with code below each banner. The code looks like this (but with your referral ID instead of 1):

<a href=”″><img src=”″></a>

The first part of the code is your referral link, in this case it is:
The second part is the image source, in this case it is:

These are the available promotional banner image URLs provided by Hungry For Hits: