Letter hunt and Food collection

When you are viewing ads to earn credits, surfing, you will randomly find a page where you can claim a letter to complete words and win credits. Each time you claim a letter, one will be added to the word in the bottom surfbar, and when all the letters are filled you will have a credit prize automatically added to your account.

When you claim a letter you will also find food icons, small food pictures. There are 10 icons in each category, and there are 15 categories. When you’ve completed one category, you will win a prize of $0.03, 10 credits, 50 banner ad impressions and 50 text ad impressions. It’s possible that you find an icon that you’ve already claimed once, they appear randomly.

Hungry For Hits letters and icons

The Food Collection game is shown the first 2000 pages someone surfs each day, and is reset every week on Monday. You can view your collection on the “Food Collection” page under the “Games” menu. Once you have completed one category, you will automatically start gathering the next set of icons. If you want to gather another icon category, just chose it in the dropdown list on the “Food Collection” page and click “Update”.