Hungry For Hits offers banner advertising. Banners are displayed to members who are viewing ads to earn credits, surfing. They are displayed in 468×60 size in the top surfbar, next to the surf timer and icons. To add a banner, click the “Banners” page under the Advertising menu. Free members can add 5 banner ads, Silver members can add 25 banner ads, Gold members can add 100 banner ads and Super advertisers have unlimited advertising to 25 banner ads.

In the “Image” field, put the image url of the banner you want to advertise, a 468×60 picture link. Right click the image of the banner you want to advertise, and copy the image url for this. Please use https, if the site you are advertising supports it. Usually you will find banners in the “Affiliate Toolbox” of sites, or in the area where they keep promotional material. In the “Target” box, fill in where you want visitors to go when they click your banner, most likely a referral link.

If the banner isn’t visible in your “Banners” page after you have added it, no one else would see it either and there is most likely some sort of error with it. First, copy the picture url you added and open it in a new window to see if it is displaying a picture – it should. Most commonly, the picture link is not correct, or the ref link and picture link should switch places.

To have your banner display, you must assign banner ad impressions to it. Add the number of banner ad impressions you want to give your banner in the “Assign imps” column, and click “Assign” (or press Enter). You can see how many banner ad impressions you have at the top of the page.

You can convert website credits gathered in surf to banner ads, by adding a number of credits in the “Assign credits” column and clicking “Assign” (or press Enter). Free members will get 20 banners per 1 credit, upgraded members will get 25 banners per 1 credit. It’s not possible to convert banner impressions back to website credits. You can also use the “Quick assign” feature on top of the page to distribute a certain amount of website credits equally to all your active banner ads.

Banner advertising is a “cheaper” way to advertise in surf. To have a banner ad in constant rotation, it usually takes around 20-25 website credits per 24 hours. You can earn banner ad impressions as prizes while viewing ads, surfing, and in daily promo codes.

2 thoughts on “Banners

  • November 18, 2017 at 07:26

    Banner Impressions is 1 – 20. Yet when I put in 10 impressions I only get 10! Whats with that?

    • November 18, 2017 at 09:50

      Yes, it says in the text if you are a free member, the conversion is 20 banners for each 1 credit. Upgraded get a bit more. When you assign 10 banner ad impressions in the right column on the My Banners page, it will use your existing banner ad impressions as they are, without any conversion. So they don’t multiply when you just assign them. It’s just the site credits that will convert to 20x the amount of credits you assign, when you enter a number in the left column of the My Banners page.


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