Surfing to earn credits

To get free website traffic, you must surf to view other peoples ads. To begin surfing, you must first add a site on the “My Websites” page. Then you can get started with surfing, by clicking the  “Surf” button in the menu on the home page

You will be taken to a window where members ads are displayed. This is also where people will see your sites, banners or text ads. At the top surfbar there is a timer indicating how long you have to stay on the site. When the timer reaches zero, five small food themed pictures will appear.  To move to the next site and earn credits, click on the icon picture that appears twice in the top surfbar.

Hungry For Hits surf icons, about surfing

You can see how many pages you have surfed in the bottom (red) surfbar. You can also see more extensive stats under Home – Statistics – Account Statistics. Or Hungry For Hits statistics, for general stats about the website. Your surf ratio is dynamic, meaning it will increase the more you surf in a day.

Sometimes games will appear when you surf, where you can earn bonus credits, banner ad impressions, text ad impressions or even cash. There is also a popular chat window where you can network and socialize with others if you want to. You will never see your own ads in surf, because then you would be spending credits on yourself. If you want to view your sites to make sure they display correctly, click save below an URL on the “Websites” page under Advertising – My Ads.