Top 10 splash

We provide a great tool for promoting, which you find on the “Top 10 Splash” page in the main menu. With this ready made template, you can easily make a cool splashpage displaying your 10 favourite sites with referral links and banners, while promoting Hungry For Hits as well!

  1. Go to “Top 10 Splash” in the main menu.
  2. Add your referral links in the “Ref link” fields.
  3. Add the image url for the banner you want to use on the “Banner url” fields.
  4. Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page, and you will get your splashpage link.

The Top 10 splashpage link comes in this format:

Hungry For Hits top 10 splash

If you want to do any changes, just go back to the main “Top 10 Splash“, edit it and click ‘Submit’ again for it to take effect. The splashpage is branded with your name and Gravatar, and you can add any programs to your own splash. You can advertise it both in Hungry For Hits, and in other places.

Please note that if you are idle for too long on a page, you might get logged out. Collect all your banners and referral links first, then go to the “Top 10 Splash” page, add them and click “Submit”. Alternatively, save it after you add one or two banners, and continue like that. That way you will also see what it looks like as you go, so you can change the banner placement if you want.