Monthly Upgrades

You can purchase upgrades in Hungry For Hits from the “Upgrade” pages under the Upgrade menu. You can also see the prices for the different upgrades there, and you get a discount if you upgrade for 3 months or more. You can purchase upgrades for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

If you already have the surf window open when you buy or activate an upgrade or a short account boost, you have to refresh your surf window (or go back to home page and restart surf) for it to update.

If you have an upgrade and buy or activate another one before your previous one runs out, the time will be added on top of the time you have left of your existing upgrade so that no time is lost. There are several different ways to pay for the upgrade:

Pink Piggy Bank button:
Your account is updated automatically when you use your Piggy Bank balance. You can fund it with a Card payment, Bank transfer, Uphold, Bitcoin, ORU, Coinbase, TransferWise or Advanced Cash.

White Bitcoin button, CoinPayments:
Fill in your name and email address, then select Bitcoin or any of the Cryptocurrencies as your payment method. Continue by clicking “Complete Checkout”. You will get information on how much to send and where. Your account will be updated as soon as the transaction has been confirmed twice, usually within 5 to 45 minutes

Red Commissions button:
If you have enough commissions in your account, there will also be a button to upgrade with it. There is always a 20% discount if you upgrade using commissions. You get a coupon to start the upgrade when you use your commissions. You can then decide when to start the upgrade yourself. You can start it at once, or save it for up to a year.

Special deals:
Sometimes there are special deals which can be found in a green sale box on the Upgrade pages when it is active. They usually run the first week of each month. The payment options for those special deals are all of the above, but they include Paypal as well.

The special deals are for 3, 6 or 12 month upgrades, as well as lifetime upgrades – not single month upgrades. If you want to upgrade with card for 1 month, use the card payment option through the Piggy Bank.

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When the upgrade ends:
When your upgrade runs out, your account status will go back to free member, and all benefits of being upgraded will be removed. You can see when your upgrade expires on your Account Settings page.

Should you miss out on extra prizes or commissions because you forgot to purchase or activate an upgrade, the extra prizes or commissions will not be added to your account retroactively.