Monthly Upgrades

You can purchase upgrades in Hungry For Hits from the “Upgrade” pages under the Upgrade menu. You can also see compare member levels and see the prices for the different upgrades there. You get a discount if you upgrade for 3 months or more.

With the Silver and Gold upgrades, you can purchase upgrades for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. With the Super Advertiser upgrade, you can purchase the upgrade for 1 or 3 months.

There are both subscriptions through the Piggy Bank, and one time purchases. Any subscription through the Piggy Bank will only extend if you have enough funds in your Piggy Bank on the day of the subscription renewal. You can see and manage your subscriptions on the Piggy Bank page.

If you have an upgrade and extend it before your previous one runs out, the time will be added on top of the time you have left of your existing upgrade so that no time is lost.

Bonus credits for upgraded members:
The monthly bonus credits (and other rewards from your Upgrade spices) are added the first time you log in each month for as long as you are an upgraded member.

This means that if you upgrade in the middle of the month, you will get your credits the first time you log in directly after you upgrade. But you will also get the credits one more time, when you log in the following month, since your upgrade is still active.

If you choose to continue your upgrade and extend it in the middle of the month, the next bonus credits will be added when you log in the first time of the following month. This is because you already claimed the bonus credits as an upgraded member the current month.

This means you will not immediately get the credits when you extend your upgrade, but they will be added the first time you log in when the month changes. We do it this way to give out more bonus credits, since we sell both one time upgrades and subscriptions.

Pink Piggy Bank button:
Your account is updated automatically when you use your Piggy Bank balance. You can fund it with a Card payment, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Coinbase, Wise or Advanced Cash. You can also fund it through the Food Game‘s partner shop. You can use Gold you collected by playing the game, or buy Gold. The Food Game has a few more deposit options, such as Uphold and Skrill.

White Bitcoin button, CoinPayments:
Fill in your name and email address, then select Bitcoin or any of the Cryptocurrencies as your payment method. Continue by clicking “Complete Checkout”. You will get information on how much to send and where. Your account will be updated as soon as the transaction has been confirmed twice, usually within 5 to 45 minutes

Hungry For Hits fortune cookie

When the upgrade ends:
When your upgrade runs out, your account status will go back to free member, and all benefits of being upgraded will be removed. You can see when your upgrade expires on your Account Settings page.

Should you miss out on extra prizes or commissions because you forgot to purchase or activate an upgrade, the extra prizes or commissions will not be added to your account retroactively.

Please note: If you have a lifetime Silver upgrade and you buy a shorter Gold upgrade, you would automatically return to being a free member after the Gold upgrade expires. If you do this, be sure to contact support once the upgrade is over for us to manually change you back to Silver member, as the script can’t handle this automatically.