Pick a snack

When you are surfing, viewing ads, in Hungry For Hits, you will find a prize page coming up randomly that says “Pick a snack”. You will see three pictures of different types of food, and you are asked to select one of the foods. To play the game, simply click the food that you think has the best prize. You win every single time you play.

Pick a snack in Hungry For Hits

The prizes can be credits, banner ad impressions, text ad impressions, square banner ad impressions, cash or even a Happy Hour for 15 or 30 minutes. Prizes are automatically added to your account, and if you win a Happy Hour it will say how many % credit boost you get and for how long.

Please note that if you win Happy Hour, it starts immediately and you will see the little grey hamburger in the top surfbar light up at the next click. If you already had a Happy Hour running, the next one will start immediately after the first one ends.