Getting started

Getting started at Hungry For Hits is easy! You can start enjoying our free website traffic in just a minute. There are just one quick things you must do, once you have created and verified your account: Add a website.

You will not be able to surf to earn credits unless you have added a website. If you try to start surf before having done this, you will be redirected back to the page where you add a website.

    1. Click “Websites” under the Advertising – My Ads menu in Hungry For Hits.
    2. Add your website’s name, so it is easy for you to keep track of your sites.
    3. Add the url, make sure it works with https://.
    4. Set how many hits per hour you want. Leave it at 0 if you traffic to be delivered as fast as possible.
    5. Click “Add”. If it isn’t automatically approved, it will be checked and approved manually by the admin, usually within a few hours. You can start earning credits before it has been approved though.

Add a website in Hungry For Hits

And now you can surf to earn free traffic! Just click “Surf” to start surfing. All members, regardless membership level, with credits allocated to their sites will receive an equal number of hits.

There are two ways you can assign credits (1 credit =  1 view) to your sites:

  1. Manually, by entering how many credits you want to assign in the “Assign credits” field and updating by clicking the Assign button.
  2. Automatically, by clicking the “Change” link in any of the “Auto assign” fields next to your website. There are two types of automatic credit assign. The first one will take the number of credits you select per hour, from your unassigned credits balance, and assign them to your website. The second type will automatically assign a % of the credits you earn when you surf (view ads for credits).

Even if you have set automatic assign to 100% from what you earn when surfing, credits that you win in games in surf are stored in your account for you to assign manually.

Click here for information about sites.

Click here for information about auto assign.

Click here for information on how to surf.