Claiming prizes

Do you have to claim prizes while you are surfing to earn credits in Hungry For Hits and games appear? No, they are automatically added to your account. The only prize you manually have to grab yourself is the daily Surfer reward after you’re done surfing, since you can choose what you want. Claiming prizes usually only require one click.

You can see recent winners for some bigger events or games on the “Contest Winners” page. When prizes are listed as numbers only (for example 30/30/30) it means credits, banners and text ad impressions. Prizes are added automatically, except for if you win startpages. If you do, send a private message to Klara or a support ticket and send the url you wish to advertise, as well as what day you want your startpage. You can check for available dates on the “Buy Startpages” page. If you don’t submit a date with your url, you will get the first available date for your startpage prize. Winners are posted as soon as they have been picked (randomly), usually within a day or two after the event.

If you win the default spot in the Ad Spotlight, you will receive a private message with instructions.