Dynamic surf ratio

In Hungry For Hits, you have a dynamic surf ratio when you surf, view ads to earn credits. It means that you start on the basic surf ratio for your member level, and the more you ads you view in a day, the higher your credit ratio will be. For example, a free member has a basic surf ratio of 0.50 credits per click, meaning they will have to view 2 ads to earn 1 credit. It takes 1 credit to get a pageview to your site. However, if a free member surfs 100 pages or more, the basic surf ratio increases to 0.53 credits per click.

The dynamic surf ratio increases at the same pace for all member levels, and you can get up to 0.15 credits extra per click. This is how much the surf ratio increases:

  • Surf 100: 0.03
  • Surf 250: 0.05
  • Surf 500: 0.07
  • Surf 750: 0.10
  • Surf 1000: 0.13
  • Surf 3000: 0.15

The dynamic surf ratio resets daily, so if you surf 300 pages in a day and your current surf ratio is 0.05 credits extra per click, it will be reset to 0 when the site resets at Midnight EST (New York, USA). It restarts every day.