Happy Hour

Happy Hour in Hungry For Hits will multiply your base surf ratio with 2, 3 or 10 so that you quickly can earn more credits. We sell these Hour packs which will start immediately when you buy one, and it will multiply your surf ratio as specified. Happy Hour gives you more credits per click, not a faster timer.

If you are looking for a shorter timer, check out our Short Account boosts. You can get Happy Hour by purchasing it from the Happy Hour page under the “Buy Advertising” menu, by getting a special promo code or in a coupon.

Happy Hour in Hungry For Hits

You can only have one active Happy Hour at a time. If you purchase or earn a Happy Hour when one is already active, it will begin immediately after your current one ends. For example, if you start two packs that will give you 10 times the credits for 1 hour, you will get 10 times the credits for 2 hours and not 20 times the credits for 1 hour.

There is a little grey hamburger in surf, between the surf icons and the banner ad. When it turns colored, it means that your Happy Hour is active and your surf ratio is multiplied. When it goes  back to grey, the Happy Hour has ended. Be ready to surf when you purchase or activate Happy Hour since it can’t be paused or stopped.

Commando Surf bonus is not included in your base surf ratio.