How will you know the results of your advertising and where you are having the best results, if you don’t track your URLs? This is a free and easy way to automatically get statistics on your advertising! You can easily do this by first adding the sites you want to promote as “trackers” on the Tracking page under the Advertising menu. Trackers are just another name for a site that you are tracking stats of.

When you add a tracker, you will get a new URL for the site you want to promote. Advertise it in Hungry For Hits, or in any traffic exchange you use, and come back to the Tracking page in Hungry For Hits to check your results.

  1. On the Tracking page, add your sites the same way as you would normally add a site on the Websites page under the Advertising menu. Your tracker must use HTTPS.
  2. Give each tracker a short name so you can easily find it if you want to use the trackers in a rotator. For example, if you added a referral link from Hungry For Hits and your name is Tom, you could call it HungryTom.
  3. The site checker will scan it.
  4. It will appear listed with the Site URL you added, a Tracker URL, a link that says “Enable conversion tracking” and a field that says “Daily Stats” and
  5. Click “Enable conversion tracking” (which will be visible when you have added a tracker), and select to “Enable Auto Conversion Tracking” if possible. This is always possible if you promote Hungry For Hits links from the Affiliate Toolbox, and usually if you promote other traffic exchanges or mailers too.

Hungry For Hits tracker

Done! That is all you need to do to start tracking and collecting stats – basically you just have to add your site, get a new Tracker URL for it and advertise that Tracker URL. The Tracker URL will always be in this format:

It will end with whatever name you gave it. It will display just like it would have with the original link, no matter where you advertise it. All information from the tracker URL will be available to you on this page. There is a more detailed instruction video on the “Tracking” page, if you click “Help & Tutorials“.

Click here for instructions on how to check stats.

Click here for instructions on how to create a rotator with your trackers.