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Hungry For Hits surfing

Viewing other members ads to earn advertising credits for your own sites is called surfing. It’s really easy, and you can start enjoying our free website traffic in just a minute. To surf, you must have at least one website added to your account and set auto assign for it. You will not be able …

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour in Hungry For Hits

Happy Hour in Hungry For Hits will multiply your base surf ratio with 2, 3 or 10 so that you quickly can earn more credits. We sell these Hour packs which will start immediately when you buy one, and it will multiply your surf ratio as specified. Happy Hour gives you more credits per click, …

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Hungry For Hits has a number game, similar to what is called Bingo in real life. To play Bingo, go to the Bingo page. You can reach it from the menu in the members area, or from the top surfbar. You will see a list of upcoming and recently finished games, and possibly also a …

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