Top Promoter Contest

Every week we have a Top Promoter contest at Hungry For Hits. It runs from Monday to Sunday. You will earn points in the Top Promoter contest by promoting this material, 20 pages in total. Please note that you must get your own referral links from the Affiliate Toolbox or the Top Promoter Contest page. You can also see the prizes and the current standings on the Top Promoter Contest page.

Please note that the Supersplash rotator from the Affiliate toolbox is not included.

Where can you promote?

You can promote this material on any site, manual traffic exchanges, mailers or promotional sites except autosurfs, PTCs and cheap paid bulk advertising sites. It is a good idea to use our trackers to track your results at the same time, and you may also use our own rotators to rotate the promotional material. You may not use a rotator that blocks the traffic source, such as, as it will not count for the contest.

Hungry For Hits suitcase


The result is calculated from unique hits per promotional page per site. It means that the more of the different promotional material listed above you promote, the better you will do in the contest. For example:

You show splashpage 1 to a surfer in traffic exchange X. You get 1 point.
You show splashpage 2 to the same surfer in the same traffic exchange, X. You get 1 more point.
You show splashpage 1 to the same surfer in another traffic exchange, Y. You get 1 more point.
You show splashpage 1 to the same surfer in the same traffic exchange, X, again. You don’t get any point.

Use your own promotional material

You can also use promotional material that you make yourself. Near the end of the Top Promoter site, you can submit your own splashpages to count towards the Top Promoter contest. If you promote them without doing this, you may still get referrals but they don’t count for this specific contests. You can submit your own pages here.

When you submit a page, you will get a new URL for it which starts with You must promote the new URL, for us to be able to track your points. It still shows your original splashpage with your referral link though.

Please note that custom splashes are already a type of tracker, for the Top Promoter contest. If you want to put your custom splashes in a rotator, you must de-select the option to show the top frame for the rotator, or these ads will appear blank. They will also appear blank if you click them from the Trackers and Rotators page, but will work inside a rotator.


Anyone caught cheating the promoter contest, for example with an IP changer, will be suspended.

Do not promote Hungry For Hits in Hungry For Hits. You will not get any points and everyone is already a member.