Adding a link from a picture

It is easy to add a link from a picture in the “Page Creator, in the main menu. It can be from any sort of picture, perhaps not one that looks like a button, or a promotional banner? You can either edit a picture you have already inserted if you add it from a URL, or when you add a new one.

1. If you have an existing picture already, click the picture in the text editor and then click the “Image” tool button. You can also doubleclick the picture. If you haven’t added the picture yet, add the image url first by clicking the “Image” tool button. There are detailed instructions on how to add a picture on the “Adding a picture” page on this help page.

2. Then click the “Link” tab at the top in the “Image” tool.

Hungry For Hits page creator add image with link

3. You will see a field where you can enter your link. Add your link to the URL field.

4. In the target box, decide if you want the link to open in a new window or the same one.

5. Click “Ok”.

You now have a link from a picture on your profile page, and when people click the image they will be taken to that page!

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