Check stats

Once you have set up Trackers and advertised your Tracker URLs, Hungry For Hits will start collecting the stats and results of your advertising – both inside Hungry For Hits, and in any other place you might advertise! It is very easy to check stats for your advertising, at any time.

You can always see Daily stats for each of your sites on the blue “Stats” tab on the “Tracking” page under the “Tools” menu. There is a link to check it next to each of the sites you have listed as trackers. It will list Hits received, Unique hits and Conversions. You can also see the traffic sources where your tracker URL has been advertised. There are 4 buttons at the top of that page:

Help & Tutorials

Click the “Stats” button. You will find extensive stats there, and the parameters you can use to look at your results are endless. First select what you want to view where it says:

“Show: Trackers | Rotators | Sources | Combo Stats”

Hungry For Hits tracking stats

You can check stats for your trackers, for your rotators, for the traffic sources where you advertise, or a combination of them. It will show Hits, Sources, Conversions and even Conversion rate, and you can sort this in any way you like. All the parameters, no matter what you are viewing, are clickable so that you can easily sort your results.  There is a more detailed instruction video on the “Tracking page, if you click the blue “Help & Tutorials” button.

Click here for instructions on how to start tracking your results.

Click here for instructions on how to create a rotator with your trackers.