Monthly Upgrades

You can purchase upgrades in Hungry For Hits from the Upgrades page.

You can use Paypal, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or your account Commissions to pay for an upgrade. A button to upgrade with Commissions will only appear when you have enough in your account. When your upgrade runs out, your account status will go back to free member, and all benefits of being upgraded will be removed. You can see when your upgrade expires on your Account Settings page.

The upgrades are one time purchases, not subscriptions. There will be no recurring payments, no matter if you use Paypal, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or Commissions. However, should you miss out on extra prizes or commissions because you forgot to purchase an upgrade, the extra prizes or commissions will not be added to your account retroactively.

If you have an upgrade and buy another one before your previous one runs out, the time will be added on top of the time you have left of your existing upgrade so that no time is lost.

When clicking the Buy button, you can chose to pay with Paypal or with a variety of cryptocurrencies. Simply select which one you want to use, fill in your name and email address, and then click “Complete Checkout”. When you use the Buy button, it may take a few minutes before the transaction has been verified, and the upgrade will start automatically as soon as it is completed. It usually takes 1-5 minutes with Paypal, and 5 to 45 minutes if you use Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies, because they need to get confirmed as it sends).

When you buy an upgrade with commissions, you get a 20% discount. You have to start the upgrade yourself, because you get a coupon when you buy the upgrade. You can select to start it at once, or save it for up to a year.

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