Monthly Upgrades

You can purchase upgrades in Hungry For Hits from two different pages, but the member levels sold are identical. The only difference between these two options is whether or not you want a recurring subscription for your upgrade, or if you want it to be a single month purchase. Your account will be instantly upgraded when you complete a purchase, it’s automatic.

You can use Paypal, Payza or your account Commissions to pay for an upgrade. A button to upgrade with Commissions will only appear when you have enough in your account. Using Commissions to upgrade will not create any sort of subscription or recurring payment. When your upgrade runs out, your account status will go back to free member, and all benefits of being upgraded will be removed. You can see when your upgrade expires on the Subscription Upgrades page.

Subscription Upgrades

The upgrades on this page creates a subscription. If you want to cancel the subscription, you must go to your account in the payment processor you use. Click the payment to Hungry For Hits there and select to cancel the recurring payment.

If you have a subscription and start another subscription before your previous one runs out (to the same or another member level), 1 month will be added to your upgrade each time you are being charged for it, even if it isn’t the same date as your upgrade runs out. Make sure you end any active subscription you have in your payment processor if you start a new upgrade subscription. Starting a new subscription will not automatically cancel your previous one.

One Month Upgrades

The upgrades on this page create are one time purchases. There will be no recurring payments, no matter if you use Paypal, Payza or Commissions. However, should you miss out on extra prizes or commissions because you forgot to purchase an upgrade and you don’t have a subscription, the extra prizes or commissions will not be added to your account retroactively.

When you buy an upgrade with commissions, you get a 20% discount. You have to start the upgrade yourself, because you get a coupon when you buy the upgrade. You can select to start it at once, or save it for up to a year.

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