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Hungry For Hits street

We offer site rotators on the “Rotators” page under the “Tools” menu, where you can advertise several sites with just one url. It is like a hit distributor, that will display the sites in the rotator url the same amount of time, or whichever ratio you set it to. It is really useful to have …

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Using HTML

Hungry For Hits Design

When you create a page in the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu, you can also work directly with HTML. Simply click the “Source” button at the far right in the top tools row. When you have added something in this mode, then click the “Source” button again to see what it looks like …

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Adding a link from a picture

Hungry For Hits Link from a picture

It is easy to add a link from a picture in the “Page Creator”, in the main menu. It can be from any sort of picture, perhaps not one that looks like a button, or a promotional banner? You can either edit a picture you have already inserted if you add it from a URL, …

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Adding a picture

Hungry For Hits coffee

It’s a good idea to add a picture to your profile page, using the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu. You can add any image, even from your Facebook pictures or similar. Right click the picture you want to display to copy the image url for it. 1. Click the “Image” tool button in the …

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Adding a link

Hungry For Hits Profile Page

To add a link to the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu, first you have to decide what you want them to be added to. It can be either plain text or a picture. Perhaps a picture that looks like a button? It can be pretty much whatever you want. In this article I …

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How to edit text

Hungry For Hits profile

There are three rows of tools which will help you edit text for your profile page, on the “Profile Page Creator” in the main menu. You can hoover your mouse over the tools buttons to see what they are. Using more than just plain text will really make your page stand out, so I really …

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Hungry For Hits breakfast

Hungry For Hits is an advertising site, a Traffic Exchange, packed with unique features and tools. It is one of the most popular and active traffic exchanges, and also it’s voted best traffic exchanges by members. A traffic exchange is a site where people trade traffic with eachother. It works in a very simple way: …

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